Clickbank Hoplinks

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Your Clickbank hoplink is the unique tracking link that Clickbank gives you that allows them to keep track of all sales you generate and ensure that you are paid commissions on all sales you generate. Your hoplink is where you will send all of your traffic to, whether you get them to click on a link in a blog, click on a banner ad, click on a link in an email, or any other method, you need to make sure they go through your Clickbank hoplink so that you get proper credit for all of your sales.

The hoplink’s below will take your visitors to our main landing page for each product. This is our highest converting page for most traffic sources, however we do also have a number of other custom landing pages that are available for affiliates to use as well. You can find these in the ‘Custom Landing Pages‘ section.

Your hoplink to promote ‘Paid Social Media Jobs’ is:

Your hoplink to promote ‘Paid Online Writing Jobs’ is: