Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get access to one of your products to review it? +

Yes! We have special ‘affiliate review’ accounts setup for all of our products.

Simply fill in the form below, select which of our products you would like a review copy of and tell us a little about how you will be promoting the product:

    Your Name

    Your Email

    Select Product

    How will you be promoting this product?
    Please provide some details on how you will be promoting this product, ie. Email, PPC, Solo Ads etc. And also how did you get this traffic, ie. purchased traffic, SEO, from your own products etc.


    How often will I get paid? +

    All of our payments are handled by Clickbank. You can choose to receive payments via check or direct deposit and you can either be paid weekly or bi-weekly.

    Can you create a custom banner/landing page/...etc. promotion tool for me? +

    Yes! We are always happy to create custom promotional tools for our affiliates. Whatever you need to assist you with your promotions, whether it’s some custom banners, a different landing page, more email swipes or anything else, just let us know and we will have it created for you ASAP.

    We even have a page designed especially for this purpose. Click here to view our ‘Request Custom Tools’ page and simply fill in the form on that page. For future reference you can also find this page under the ‘Promotion Tools’ main menu link.