Banner Advertising

Some people will try and tell you that banners are ‘old news’ and that they don’t work anymore. It is true that they aren’t as effective as they used to be in the 90’s because people are more used to them now and there is a certain degree of ‘advertising blindness’.

However there is a reason why you still see banners on just about every website you visit, because they work! Someone is paying for each and every one of those banners that you see, and they are making money from them or they wouldn’t keep paying for them.

Tons of affiliates for our products use banner advertising effectively and profitably in their affiliate promotions. Make sure you check out the training section below for some great resources that can help you take your profits with banners to the next level.



In this course we take a look at how banner ads are still effective today and how you can take advantage of new technologies such as ‘re-targetting’ to take your affiliate income with banner advertising to the next level!